Our Clinic
Our clinic is meticulously designed to provide a cozy and relaxing environment for our patients and their family. Comfortable built-in sofa seats are situated at the waiting area in close proximity to the registration counter. There are ample reading materials and magazines, in addition to television for entertainment.
The doctor's consultation room is specially designed to suit the needs of the modern woman.

This is a "table-less" concept whereby our patients and doctor can chat seated around a cozy sofa and coffee table set. Gone are the days when doctors and patients are separated by a large office table.
This new concept is aimed to remove the barrier to effective communication.
We have a separate treatment room where our patients can have their baby's heart beat monitored, a procedure known as cardiotocogram (CTG), which tests for fetal well-being. The room is also equipped with a DVD player, thus our patients can enjoy movies during the test. Our clinic is blessed with lots of greenery we look out the windows onto the bustling Thomson Road, with a wonderful view of a nearby condominium pool's sparkling blue waters.